Friday, August 31, 2012

Bra Fitting Rules by The Budget Fashionista

Fashion blogger Kathryn from The Budget Fashionista knows how important it is for a woman to wear well-fitting undergarments. Read her story and list of "Do's and Dont's" on her blog!

"If your undergarments are stretched, stained, damaged or otherwise abused, throw them in the garbage . . . Now.
There is nothing more valuable to your appearance than wearing proper undergarments.
Undergarments have the power to completely alter an outfit. I mean, what’s the sense of wearing a fabulous Nicole Miller dress you got for $35 from Bluefly
if your backside looks like a carton of Rocky Road ice cream? Who cares if you just scored a ChloePaddington bag for 200 bucks if your chest is as rocky as the Rocky Mountains?
TBF put together this guide to help you discover the power of proper-fitting undergarments. Whether you’ve got a ton of junk in your trunk or barely have a trunk at all, we have a bevy of tips on finding the proper fit; details on budget places to get great underwear; and frank answers to your most pressing underwear questions. And, in true Budget Fashionista style, we encourage you to share your own undergarment tips."

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