Friday, March 16, 2012

Why Lingerie Retailers Don't Carry More Sizes

Women are left very disappointed when they find a lovely piece of lingerie, but soon learn that the retailer doesn't carry their size. What's even more disappointing is that for most of these women, this isn't a rare experience for them by any means.
Lingerie retailers usually carry sizes only within a certain range, making it necessary women of different sizes to resort to specialty stores for their intimate apparel.
Why is it that lingerie retailers don't carry a wider variety of sizes? Catherine from Kiss Me Deadly has done a lot of research and pondering on the subject and has shared her theory with The Lingerie Addict. Read it here:

"Catherine:I once wrote a huge thing about this containing some basic stats ideas, and I’m going to return to that, but because it’s pleasingly simple and very gross, let’s talk fingers first. A small amount of people have no fingers. Some people have less than 10. And a very few people have extra fingers (depending on your definition of fingers). This means that the average number of fingers is less than 10. But would you make gloves with less than 10 fingers? No, because the average isn’t always the same as the most common – which, in this case, is 10 ( or 8 fingers and 2 thumbs, for the pedants)."

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