Friday, November 16, 2012

Lingerie for the Winter

Does your lingerie collection change according to the season? As the cold winter approaches, you might want to consider lingerie designed for warmth. There's a whole variety of bodysuits, camisoles  and gorgeous embroidered pieces that can be worn seamlessly underneath warm knit sweaters.

Lingerie Talk shares their thoughts some great warm styles on their website.

"The trees are bare, the sun is setting earlier and winter is almost upon us: it’s time to reach for cuddly sweaters and extra layers to keep cozy! The transition to cooler weather and the approaching holiday season also make this time of year the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate and add different pieces to your lingerie wardrobe.
Now that skimpy T-shirts are out, and thicker layers and knits are in, try experimenting with adding a seamed bra to your collection. A bra with seams almost always offers better lift (that’s Empreinte‘s Ophelia above). And for those bustier gals, a seamed bra creates the most effective minimization.
Are your blouses forever popping open? Tired of hiding behind a sweater and forever safety pinning your shirts? A seamed bra creates a more streamlined silhouette across the bustline, which can banish pulling and gapping at the buttons. Try it!"
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Friday, November 9, 2012

Butterfly Collection's "5 Reasons Your Bra Straps Slip"

Do your bra straps often slip off of your shoulders? It might be time to start trying on a different bra size. The exact reason why it's happening to you could be one of these 5 described on Butterfly Collection's blog:

1. Your Band is Too Big
2. Your Cups are Too Small
3. Your Cups are Too Big
4. Your Bra is Designed for Taller Women
5. Sloping Shoulders

For more details on each of these reasons, read their blog post: