Friday, February 24, 2012

Alleviating Back Pain

Having large breasts causes back pain for many women, even after a proper bra fitting. This blog on Venusian Glow has bra tips that'll help ease back pain caused by heavy breasts and/or bad posture caused by them. More hooks, a tighter band, and wearing a soft, lightly supportive bra to sleep are all ideas that can help.

"For a lot of people, finding the proper bra size is enough to prevent back pain. Unfortunately,this isn’t the case for everyone. Some women will still experience those discouraging backaches no matter how well-fitted their bra is. There are many causes for back pain, but having heavier boobs, or posture that is bad because of them, can really exacerbate these issues.
   Breast reductions are often touted as the only solution for breast-related back issues, and for some women, they are the best choice. But if you DON’T want to have a reduction, there are a few other tricks you can use to ease your pain."

Friday, February 17, 2012

Linda's Bra Problem Guide

With more than 80% of women wearing the wrong bra size, it's no wonder why there are so many issues and questions regarding their fit and appearance floating around. For the most common bra problems among women, Linda The Bra Lady has the reasons why they happen and the answers to help you find your correct size!
Check out her Bra Problem Guide if you have any questions regarding the fit of your bra's band or straps, breasts, any medical problems, uneven sizes, or anything else.
"It's important to care for your bras properly. Every woman knows how painful the wrong bra can be. Learn how to solve your bra problems here, once and for all."

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Femmy Gala 2012 Videos!

The photos are videos of the Femmy Gala 2012 are in!

Check out the designs and winners of the Student Design Contest of the year:

If you were at the event, you could spot yourself in this photo collection:

Our special host, Carson Kressley, announced the honorees with a charming humor that made it all so much fun:

You can see more photos of the event on our Facebook page: Femmy Gala 2012 Photos

Friday, February 3, 2012

Femmy Gala 2012

The Femmy Gala 2012 with our special host, Carson Kressley, was a blast! The honorees of the year were Century 21 Department Stores, Fruit of the loom, Top Form Brassiere Mfg. Co. Ltd, Penn Asia Co. Ltd, and Victor Vega for their innovation and dedication to our industry!

Speaking of innovation and dedication, check out the gorgeous designs of this years Student Design Contest. They're all so beautiful, it's difficult to pick a favorite!

From left to right, here are the contesters and their designs.

2012 Student Design Contest

1. Claudia Mesiti's "Linear Opulence"

2. Nina Trimble's "Deco Diamonds"

3. Lauren Haron's "Sheer Radiance"

4. Amy Gianforcaro's "Diamond Cut"

5. Yecca Zeng's "All the Right Angles"

6. Nicole Ward's "Pure Abstraction"

For more coverage on the event, see the article on The Wall Street Journal that highlights some of what went on!

"Nestled in the comforting bosom of awards season, somewhere between the SAG Awards and the International 3D Society Awards, was this year's Femmy Gala.The Femmys is the "premiere event" of the Intimate Apparel field, as well as a fund-raiser for the Underfashion Club, which supports and encourages new talent in the field through scholarships, awards, internships and the like. In our newly set life-long quest to infiltrate the Oscars of every industry, the Femmys suddenly found itself at the very top of our list."

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