Friday, June 22, 2012

Wine & Cheese Cave Tours

The slideshow of photos from last week's Wine & Cheese Cave Tours members only event is now on YouTube! If you were there, catch photos of yourself on the video. If not, catch a glimpse of what you missed.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Four Steps For Choosing a Sports Bra

When exercising, a woman's breasts need proper support to absorb the shock of bounce. Too much bounce can be painful and actually causes breast skin to sag. Zest has four steps to help women invest in a good sports bra.

"Breasts can bounce up to a skin-sagging 14cm during exercise. Wearing a regular bra reduces movement by 38%, but donning a sports bra cuts it by a whopping 78%, according to a Shock Absorber study.Want to see the proof? Visit the Shock Absorber website and click on Bounce-o-meter. Type in your cup size, and it will show you your breast moving on the screen with no bra, a normal bra and a sports bra.
So invest in the proper support for the sake of your bust."

Friday, June 8, 2012

Swimsuits For Every Body

No matter what your body shape may be, there is a swimsuit out there that's made for on you! Shape Magazine interviewed experts and have organized swimwear suggestions for women of 10 different silhouettes!

Here's an example of one of the body types they have suggestions for.

This one-piece by Laundry narrows shoulders and showcases the beautiful line from the neck to the collarbone. Gathered fabric hugs the body (in all the right places) for a very comfortable fit."

Read more here:

Friday, June 1, 2012

A Perfect Fit

No woman is average, and that is why True & Co is on a mission to create the perfect bra fit for women's unique figures. They studied the secrets of lingerie experts who are able to analyze the bra sizes of women at a glance and came up with a formula to determine the perfect bra fit! And it's all measuring tape-free.

See a bit of the work behind the algorithm this company is creating for making bras that fit the woman rather than the measured and predetermined definitions of bra sizes (as hazy as they are) here:

"So what did they do? The pair began researching the untold secrets of lingerie experts around the country, many of whom never even use a measuring tape to determine a woman's bust size.
'We went to bra fitting after bra fitting and spoke to experts, and the best ones didn't use measuring tape," Lam said. "They had these unwritten rules where they could look at a woman’s body and say, we think this would be best. We were able to take these rules and distill them into code.'
All you have to do is fill out a short survey about your size and problems with your current bras, then make an order. Once you get your new bras, try them on and report back to True & Co. about how they fit. The site then recalculates your needs accordingly.
Want to try it out? Head over to the website now to get free shipping."