Friday, May 13, 2011

Choosing Lingerie For Your Body Type

Lingerie shopping can be a daunting experience if you aren't sure about what would work best with your body. Before you go shopping for lingerie, realistically analyze and consider your figure. Without being too critical, look into the mirror and make an overall assessment about what you’re working with. Choose the areas of your body that you’re proud of and willing to bring out and be aware of areas that you’d rather downplay. Your lingerie should showcase the most appealing portions of your body while concealing areas you don’t feel quite as confident about. There are plenty of different options for lingerie style. What would work best for you depends on your body type and what you’re aiming to do with your figure.
            The bust certainly gets a lot of attention, making it important to be sure that you adorn your bosom appropriately to maximize your appeal. If you have a small bust that you wish to add some volume to, try a style that brings the bust out. Halter styles can do wonders to enhance your cleavage by pulling the bust up and in. Wearing something with tiered ruffles gives volume and a sweet feminine vibe. When looking for a lift, you can’t go wrong with a push-up bra with some padding and underwire for extra support. If you feel that your build is too slim, two-piece lingerie is recommended to construct a curvy hourglass impression. Boy shorts also look great with this type of figure.
            If you have a larger upper body with a tummy, your body type could be described as apple-shaped. In this case, a goal is to disguise that tummy and redirect attention to parts of your body that you feel confident about. Strategically choose differing colors for two-piece lingerie. Having a darker color for your bottom than your top slims down your tummy and balances your proportions. Drive the attention to your bust with something low-cut or a bustier to accentuate your cleavage. If you have larger breasts, bandeau styles, plunging neckline, and ruffle trims could work very well for you. Avoid padding and opt for something more subtle.
If you’re pear-shaped with bountiful hips, thighs, and buttocks that you’re looking to narrow down, this can be done with long, flowing lingerie. Gowns that drape around the upper thigh such as babydoll teddies, tunic-style tanks, and negligees cling to your curves and are useful for hiding the top bit of your thighs, especially if there are some ruffles along the hem. Corsets can also be used to draw attention upwards and take 2-3 inches from your waistline while bringing out your bust and cleavage. Boy shorts could also compliment a full bottom very nicely.
A few extra tips to keep in mind: If you’re tall, consider emphasizing the length of your legs with a garter belt. It gives a classic kind of sexy that works best with height. Darker colors are known for giving a slimming effect, so use them for any areas that you’d like to cut down or deemphasize. Lastly but most importantly, be sure to buy your lingerie in the correct size! Wearing something too tight or too loose could be uncomfortable and just won’t look as great on you as something specifically built for your body type. Be comfortable with yourself and revel in your sex appeal. When you radiate confidence, you’re irresistible.

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