Friday, July 5, 2013

Behind The Seams on Lingerie Talk

Lingerie Talk has a post about an exhibit that explores mechanical clothing, with women's undergarments being the main focus. They have transformed over time as certain female figures shifted in and out of fashion.
"The pursuit of a perfect figure — however culture and custom defined it — has transfixed humanity for centuries. And a new exhibition opening in Paris today reveals that this most unapologetic expression of vanity isn’t confined to women alone. The history of mechanical manipulations of human anatomy through undergarments is given a thorough and very serious examination in Behind The Seams: An Indiscreet Look At The Mechanics of Fashion, which runs until Nov. 24 at the Museum of Decorative Arts in The Louvre. (Yes, leave it to the French to put their undies on display — in the Louvre, no less!)" - Richard on Undressing History: The Louvre Looks At The Mechanics Of Fashionable Shapes
Articulated pannier and whalebone corset, circa 1740-60

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