Monday, October 3, 2011

Who Sells Lingerie in Saudi Arabia?

Lingerie stores in Saudi Arabia have historically been staffed exclusively by men. This meant that women have no choice but to discuss the intimate subject with male strangers, being sized up at a glance through their robes since measurements cannot be made due to laws that prohibit unmarried men and women from touching, and given an attempted estimate of size. The lingerie salesmen give suggestions on what would suit the women, which could undoubtedly be an uncomfortable experience for her. Wouldn't hiring women to run lingerie stores solve these issues? Steps are being taken to make this happen. Read Margaret Hartman's article, "Saudi Arabia Says Goodbye to Male Lingerie Salesman" on Jezebel.
"Talking to a saleswoman about your underwear is often a bit awkward, but it could be much worse. To replicate the Saudi Arabian bra-buying experience, you'd have to find a middle-aged male Victoria's Secret salesman and ask him to guess your bra size and describe the fit of a lacy panty. For years, women in the country have been forced to buy undergarments from male clerks, but soon they may be able to buy a bra from someone who's actually worn one."
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