Thursday, March 11, 2010

Reach out for resources...Check out our Top 5.

Remember that mantra we keep chanting every post?
(You do? Yes/No/Maybe/Check a box?)

Well, just for you(and posterity's sake) we'll say it again:

It's all about your resources!!

We at Underfashion Club care about our students out there. Which is why we've compiled this TOP 5 List (in no particular order) of some websites and blogs that every fashion, design and textile student should know and even try to take the time to follow. Each of these blogs have plenty of educational and supplemental information that could play an integral part in your research and in school design projects. Since we all know how busy all you future fashionistas are out there, these sites offer a quick way to find what you're looking for regarding patterns, fashion history, textiles or entrepreneurship while working you're creative little brains to the max. :
An online fashion, design, illustration and textiles resource center who's aim is to provide supplementary and accessible educational materials for fashion/design students and home learners alike.

Content includes: An educational book directory listing over 150 books with reviews, a detailed school directory listing citing educational facilities around the globe, a directory listing freelancers from around the world,a manufacturers directory, and other useful links to websites and resources. It also includes an extensive archives interviews with industry professionals,an array of articles covering topics ranging from history and theory to garment care and tutorials plus industry equipment reviews and much much more. The site also provides portfolio and blog hosting.
Written and maintained by Katlheen Fasanella. As a professional pattern-maker, Kathleen is loaded with lots of experience working with Designer/Entrepreneurs and other industry folks. The website provides insights on the basic knowledge required to branch out successfully into the industry.

Content includes: Updating on an almost daily basis, and covering topics ranging from manufacturing,tips for working with industry professionals,marketing, technical illustrations and pattern-making,this website contains more than 16,000 pages of content.

Joining forces with UK's FashionCapital, Fashion-Enter is a dedicated non-profit company suppling fashion designers with all the tools they need to succeed. Based on years of work with the London Fashion Forum (LFF) Jennifer Holloway, Director Fashion-Enter Ltd, decided to continue the excellent work of the LFF when the funding from the London Development Agency expired in March 2006.

Content includes: An extremely wide variety of information pertaining to the industry,trends, live interactive web forums and a range of applicable tools to help new and young designers succeed. These services include retail boutiques, a Showroom to sell designer collections, courses and business mentoring and a factory, dubbed "The Workshop" located in Haringey, North London. A membership opportunity is also provided that entitles you to discounted services and all restricted parts of the Fashion Capital portal that provides specialist support in a wide cross section of business areas for designers. These include and range anywhere from financing,an on-line boutique, printing and custom web design. -
Yes, someone should probably give her a quick lesson on Dreamweaver, but don't just this book by its cover. Despite the archaic web design, this site is a "must-have" for any fashion, costume or textiles student.

Content includes: Picture of gowns, dresses and clothing ranging from 1800's through today. This site encompasses information on Victorian gowns, Edwardian whites, 20's flapper dresses, corsets and bodices, bridal gowns, hats, purses, undergarments,children's clothing,textiles and much much more. There are a plethora of images of clothing and accessories available for your study and research purposes. On top of their extensive database of antique clothes, there is also an index of clothing worn by celebrities that are known for their boundary-pushing ensembles such as Barbara Streisand, Liza Minnelli,Whitney Houston, Carol Channing and more.
The online version of Vogue Magazine,this site is your best option for the fashionista who wants to know what's fresh with major designers from all around the globe. While it may be a commercially run site, frequenting it is a great way to stay up to date with the newest collections hot off the runway.

Content includes:Check out the File Style Blog to see the latest from their editors. Stay in the loop about upcoming fashion shows, people and parties, news, trends, shopping tips, beauty and more. Stop by their Trend Reports, Item of the Week and Shopping guide.They even have a Beauty Counter Blog offering you insider tips on beauty products, hair, makeup, skincare and more.Registering on the siteenables you to save images that tickle your fancy to a feature called your"Lookbook", a handy tool for any novice designer who needs a little inspiration.

Happy Hunting, As Always!
- The Underfashion Club

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